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Full Description

In the Creative Abode, you will learn a creative application of what you already know about music and the guitar. Most of our learning is content-heavy; meaning that we have ‘stuff’ to play. In the Creative Abode, you will spend hours playing great MUSIC, making creative use of the concepts you are learning. The number one goal is to help you become a great and creative musician.

In the beginning, you will develop an understanding and ability to play: Fingering Concepts, Position Playing, Chords in the Key of G. The next five lesson segments will cover: Scale Shapes 7, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Instead of just learning each shape and moving to the next, you will learn different ways of using the notes so you have more creative options.

You will learn systematic way of playing scales, Pentatonics and Arpeggios with different interval structures so you can create your own lines. There are only 12 notes in our music system, so you will learn that reorganizing the notes as scales, chords, pentatonics, and arpeggios is just one approach to creativity. The other half of creativity includes rhythmic concepts.

You will learn musical concepts like: Intervals of Seconds, Intervals of Thirds, Melodic Sequences, Rhythmic Sequences, Playing over each chord to really KNOW the sound in key, Target Notes: How and Why you use them. You will also learn the history and development of many concepts used for guitar such as: How Pentatonics were developed, Create your own Pentatonics with Arpeggios/Target Notes, Use One Pentatonic shape over many chords, Use different Pentatonic shapes over a single chord, How Pentatonics fit directly into the Five Scale Shapes.


As your Online Classroom instructor, I am committed to guiding you along your learning path at your pace, on your schedule, allowing you whatever time you need to digest your personalized lesson plans. No pressure. No deadlines. No hassles.

I’ll assess your skills and objectives on an ongoing basis. I’ll prepare personalized lesson plans based on those assessments. I’ll guide you through those plans by answering all of your questions, reviewing your video submissions and giving you feedback. I’ll point out what you’re doing correctly and show you how to improve all aspects of your playing whether its technique, theory, gear, tone, performing onstage, participating in jam sessions or recording sessions.

In short, you can tap into my many years of experience as a professional musician — I’ll be there for you whenever and however you need me!

Along the way, you’ll get to interact with other Classroom students in a “social learning” environment and have a little fun participating in classroom jams, discussion threads and other related activities.

What You Get

  • Private video messaging
  • Assessments of skills
  • Personalized lesson plan
  • Private instruction
  • Unlimited video messaging
  • Student interaction
  • Access to 25,000+ lessons
  • Monthly course download
  • 100% risk-free guarantee
  • Much more along the way!

Student Testimonials

“TrueFire Online Classrooms are an enjoyable way to learn from the comfort and convenience of my own home. I can study when it suits me and I can choose from a range of world class instructors.” – John Macmin

“As a busy professional working at the executive level in a national organization, it is only through a site like Truefire that I am able to pursue my musical education on my own time, at my own pace and wherever I may be traveling.” – Michael L.

“I like that I can watch the videos over and over to make sure I understand all the concepts well and also review previous lessons from time to time. I can study on my own time and even access the lessons while traveling. All course materials are right at my fingertips so I can work on reaching my music goals. I highly recommend TrueFire Classrooms to any aspiring guitarist.” – Daniela Inzer

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