Creative Soloing Workshop

This is a workshop offered to assist intermediate to advanced players who want to
improvise with less mental strain.

I – Scales:

Avoid what most people get wrong when learning scales. Scales are not meant to be drudgery and despair; they are meant to be tools with which to create music.

II – Pentatonics:

A common and effective start in using space in your note choices that fit well on the guitar. What you might have heard about pentatonics is likely to be disputed and clarified to open new avenues of creativity!

III – Arpeggios:

The foundation of chord specific playing. Learn what your solos have been missing and how easy it is to develop very clear note choices to make your playing special to you.

IV – Solo Analysis:

Learn what your favorite player uses to sound like nobody else. Note choices in relation to keys, chords, and progressions as well as rhythmic devices are studied and developed in this program.


”Creative Soloing has been a major breakthrough for my guitar playing. I’ve become a better player overall and being in a group rather than private lessons has helped me become more creative.”- Will C.

”Creative Soloing not only helped to “connect the dots” of some shapes that I had used over the years, but also introduced some new ones. I enjoyed hearing and seeing the playing styles of the other students, all of which were different – something you don’t get with private instruction.” – Carl D.